Watch out!

Be careful when using your card, both in Finland and abroad.

The best safeguard against prying eyes is to shield the keypad with your hand or purse whenever you enter your PIN.

If you move in crowded areas where pickpockets are likely to operate, regularly check that your wallet and cards are still with you. Pickpockets favour public transport and tourist attractions. Be sure to handle your wallet and cards with care and inconspicuously in such locations. When paying by card, make sure that no one is close enough to be able to see you entering your PIN.

Remember to always shield your PIN in the evening and at night, in restaurants and in bars, at summer festivals, and so on. You will be a less likely a target if potential pickpockets cannot see your PIN. It pays to be vigilant.

Be especially wary if an unknown person offers you help with using a payment terminal abroad or in lifting bags onto a train, tram or metro. Although helping other people is commendable, be aware of your wallet at all times and do not let anyone get access to it.

Do not use unlicensed taxis! The risk of your card and PIN falling into the wrong hands is high.