Cash withdrawals (ATMs)

ATM services may vary, especially abroad. Check the ATM to see which cards can be used to withdraw cash.

Note the options provided by the ATM. In some countries, ATMs may not only offer cash withdrawals but also top-ups for services by local mobile phone operators or tickets to a local event.

Some ATMs require a six-digit PIN. In that case, enter two zeroes and then your PIN. If cash withdrawal fails at one ATM, try another one.

If an ATM abroad retains your card, cancel your card immediately by contacting the card blocking service.

»Card blocking service contact numbers

You may also be able to withdraw cash abroad at bank branches displaying the Visa or MasterCard logo, or at currency exchange service points. Check which cards are accepted at the service point.

Your bank will charge you a fee for cash withdrawals abroad, ask your bank for their fee. There may also be local costs.

ATMs abroad

Card schemes have search engines that you can use to find an ATM abroad that accepts your card: 

»Visa ATM locator 

»MasterCard ATM locator