Booking a hotel

Making bookings online is common nowadays. When you book a hotel online, make sure that the website you are using is a reliable one. Keep all receipts and other documents related to the booking.

Even if you paid for your stay in advance or confirmed your booking with a payment card, the hotel may nevertheless ask you to register a payment card when you check in. At this point, the receptionist checks that the card is valid, either by swiping the card or by entering it in a chip & PIN terminal.

Paying for your room

Some hotels want you to confirm your booking by entering your payment card details when some want you to pay the booking in advance. If you have not paid in advance, you will need to pay when checking out of the hotel. However, at this point, you will need to declare any extra items or services you have used, for instance from the minibar. If a customer uses the minibar or room service and does not declare this when checking out, the hotel is entitled to charge the costs on the customer’s card afterwards.

If you have paid for your booking in advance, take your payment voucher with you so that the hotel will not charge you a second time. If your booking or advance payment cannot be found in the hotel system when you arrive, ask for a written statement confirming this. This will help investigate the matter later.


Hotels are entitled to charge a no-show fee. If you cancel a booking, print a copy of the cancellation confirmation or e-mail reply. Check the booking terms and conditions carefully. Some bookings cannot be cancelled once made.