Storing your card and PIN

You and you alone are responsible for keeping your cards safe. They are your personal property, and you must not give them to anyone else, not even to a family member.

Store your card safely and separately from your PIN. Never keep your card and PIN in the same place: in your purse, wallet or anywhere at home.

When you receive the PIN printout from your bank, you should destroy it after memorising the PIN. Follow your bank’s instructions. Should you choose to write your PIN down, write it down in such a form that no one besides you can identify it – not even a family member. When using a terminal or making a payment, protect the keypad with your other hand so that no one can see you entering your PIN.

Make sure that your card is where it should be. If you move in crowded areas where pickpockets are likely to operate, regularly check that your wallet and your card are still with you.

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