Recurring payments / subscription orders

You may choose to set up a recurring payment/subscription order when shopping online.

A recurring payment is an authorisation for repeated regular payments for a purchase made online. This may involve a subscription to a particular website or service such as the automatic updating of a virus protection software.

Read the terms and conditions of the purchase carefully, including the small print! It is entirely possible to authorise a recurring payment when making a purchase without realising that you are doing so.

A recurring payment authorises the merchant to charge a fixed payment to your card on an annual or monthly basis. The timetable of the charges is determined by the terms and conditions of the service purchased. In some cases, a website may offer a period of free usage such as three day trial period.  After the free trial period a monthly charge will apply if the service is not cancelled.

If you do cancel such a service, ensure that you keep a copy of the cancellation request sent to the merchant. Print out or save ythe cancellation request and/or the cancellation confirmation you receive from the merchant.

Note that a cancellation request must be sent to the merchant prior the expiry of the trial period or the first billing date.

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