Incorrect charge?

Common errors in online shopping are delivery of a wrong product or service, faulty/damaged product and non-receipt of goods.

If you have problems with a product or delivery, always first contact the store where you made the purchase. Preferably use e-mail so that you have a record of your correspondence.

If you cannot resolve the matter with the merchant, contact your bank's customer service. They will give you further instructions, for example if you should file a report to the police.

Remember these:

  1. Save all the documents related to the purchase.
  2. Your first action is always to contact the merchant to resolve the issue.
  3. If you dispute with your bank, attach a copy of your e-mail correspondence with the merchant.
  4. If you return a faulty or damaged goods, always do so by registered mail. Keep the receipt with a tracking number, as you may need it later.



Card payment may act as a protection against merchant's bankruptcy. In an unfortunate case of bankruptcy, your bank may be able to reimburse you if you have paid by card.

However, always contact the merchant first to inquire about compensation!

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