Instructions for online shopping

‘Online shopping’ refers to purchases made either on a computer or on a smart phone/tablet. You can shop online with or without full authentication.

Whatever the shop and whatever your terminal device is, always remember these key points:

Before placing an order

  • Carefully read the terms and conditions, including the small print. These terms and conditions should be available on the merchant’s website.
  • Check that the merchant’s address details are available on the webpage and save or print them in case you need to return any items. If no address details are given, you should proceed with caution. Make a note of the WWW address of the shop.
  • Read what the merchant has to say about delivery costs, accepted currencies and applicable taxes.


When making a purchase

  • Save or print the description and the terms and conditions which are displayed by the merchant and which you need to accept before you can place your order.
  • Accept the payment by entering the number and expiry date of your card on the online form and follow the merchant’s instructions. If the online store uses full authentication, you will then be transferred for instance to your online banking service for identification.
  • Save or print the acknowledgement of your payment displayed by the merchant.
  • Keep the saved or printed details in case they are needed later for checking or for comparison.


Most online stores send customers a confirmation by e-mail, save these messages!

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