Security tips

Card payments are secure as long as you remember these important points:

  • Save the contact number of your card blocking service in your mobile phone.
  • Check the total amount before accepting a payment with PIN or signature.
  • Make sure that you get your card and the transaction receipt once the payment is completed.
  • If you notice purchases or withdrawals on your card or bank statement which you do not recognise, contact your bank.
  • Sign you name on the reverse side of the card. A merchant is not obliged to accept payment using an unsigned card.
  • Prepare to present an official ID when paying by card. This is for your own security.
  • Check regularly that your card is still with you.
  • Never give your card to another person to use, not even a family member. Your card and your PIN belong to you alone.
  • Always keep your card in your possession. Do not leave your card in a car, on a restaurant table or in a visible location in your office or hotel room, or anywhere else unsupervised.
  • Set withdrawal and purchase limits on your card to meet your needs. These limits can be changed when necessary. Ask your bank if setting limits is possible with your card.

Consider whether you need all of your cards every day. It might be wise to store rarely used cards in a secure place rather than carry them with you. 

Beware of pickpockets. Be especially alert when moving in a crowd. Never keep your card in a back pocket or in other easily accessible place.

Expired and unused card should be cancelled by cutting them into several pieces so that the magnetic stripe and chip are destroyed. Remember to notify your bank if you decide to cancel a card! If you are not certain how to dispose your card securely, return it to the nearest branch of your bank.

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