Paying by chip card

In Finland cards are widely accepted in retail outlets. Generally stickers are attached on the door or at the cashier to show which cards are accepted. If you have a dual PAN card (credit/debit), you can choose whether to charge a purchase on your credit card or have it debited from your bank account.

Chip cards and chip & PIN terminals

The majority of payment cards issued in Finland today have a chip. They also still have a magnetic stripe on the reverse side of the card. Chip & PIN terminals are becoming common in Finnish retail outlets. Only rarely is a card swiped when making payment.

Paying by chip card

  • Insert the card into the chip & PIN terminal
  • Select payment method (Credit/Debit)
  • Check and accept the total sum
  • Accept the payment by entering your PIN
  • Remove the card and take your receipt


Accepting a purchase with your PIN

Ensure that no other person can gain access to your card details. Memorise your PIN and never keep it in writing anywhere near your card. Use your hand or purse as a shield when entering your PIN. Always check the total amount before accepting the payment.

Paying by chip card if you have forgotten your PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, it may be possible to bypass PIN entry. In such cases, you need to sign the transaction receipt. Usually you will also be required to present an ID. However, a merchant may also refuse to complete the transaction if you do not use your PIN.

If you have any problems related to your PIN, please contact your bank.

Cancelling the transaction

Both the customer and the merchant may interrupt the payment process by pressing Cancel.

The transaction is automatically cancelled if you remove your card too early, before seeing the ‘Payment accepted’ message. A payment transaction may also be interrupted due to a technical fault. If the payment transaction is interrupted without pressing the Cancel button, make sure to request for the receipt that is printed out.

Paying by magnetic stripe

If the chip on your card is damaged or the chip reader on the chip & PIN terminal is broken, your card may be read using the magnetic stripe.

Check the total amount displayed on the cashier’s terminal. If you have a dual PAN card, let the sales assistant know which payment method you wish to use (credit/debit). The sales assistant will swipe your card through the terminal and ask you to sign the receipt. Often you will also be required to show an ID when making a payment.

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