Reporting fraudulent use of a card

Who is responsible if a lost or stolen card is fraudulently used?

When you phone your bank’s card blocking service to cancel your lost or stolen card, liability for any fraudulent use of the card is thereafter transferred to the card issuer. Your liability ends with that phone call.

Remember that you must not use a cancelled card even if you find it later. 

Notify your bank of fraudulent use

If you notice purchases on your card statement and you are certain you did not make them yourself, you may submit a cardholder dispute with your bank. The customer service at your bank will instruct you how to submit such a request and will also advise you as to whether you should report the matter to the police.

Notify the authorities of fraudulent use

File a police report, either by visiting a police station in person or by sending a letter or a fax. You can also file a report in the internet. When filing the report, inform the police whether the card was lost or stolen, or if the card was fraudulently used even though the card has been in your possession all along.

If you visit a police station in person, bring an official ID and the card number of fraudulently used card, if that is possible. You can possibly find the card number in your online banking service. Having the card number makes the criminal investigation easier.

You will also need to bring a document showing the fraudulent use, such as a printout of a bank or credit card statement. If your card has not been lost or stolen, bring the card along as well. If you have contacted your bank’s card blocking service, inform the police when you did this, as accurately as possible.

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What are the possible consequences of fraudulent use?

Transactions not recognised by the cardholder are investigated by the bank on a case-by-case basis. The cardholder must submit a written dispute form before the investigation can start. The bank is responsible for investigating liability, while the police are responsible for criminal investigation.

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (Fine) advises customers in problem situations. Disputes are handled by Banking Complaints Board. Board operates in connection with Fine.  

»Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (Fine)