Contactless payment

Contactless payment is a transaction where a card is read remotely by the payment terminal. Distance between card and terminal is a few centimetres. No PIN or signature is required.

Contactless payment is used with compatible cards and terminals for smaller purchases. Suitable places include cafés and fast-food restaurants. The maximum amount for a contactless payment transaction varies from one country to another. In Finland, it is set at EUR 25.

Cards and terminals compatible with contactless payment are marked with this sign:

Contactless indicator

Occasionally the payment terminal will require you to insert your card for the chip to be read and/or enter your PIN to accept the payment. This is to ensure that the card is in the possession of its rightful owner.

Contactless payment security

Contactless payment uses the same technology as chip payment, which makes the transaction secure.

There are many videos online showing how a person with criminal intent can collect card details from contactless payment cards. These videos are mainly made in the USA and are based on the local card technology. A different technology is used in Finland, and users should be aware that it is not possible to harvest and fraudulently use Finnish card details in this way.

Indeed, in some situations it is even safer to use contactless payment than to enter your PIN. No one will be able to spy on your PIN in a bar or a café if you do not need to enter it at all!

If you notice that your card is missing, call the card blocking service immediately!

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