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The Card security website contains information on the company, its product and services, and card payment regulations and news. The website is continuously updated by the team of content providers of Nets Ltd and its partners.

Data Security Description

This information security description concerns the public Card security website.

Users do not need to register at the Card security website, and visiting the website will not disclose the user’s identity. Nets Ltd collects anonymous data on visits to the website, such as data on which pages were accessed or what search terms were used. Anonymous data are used to improve the content of the website and for statistical purposes.

To collect this information, Nets Ltd may place cookies in the user’s browser. A cookie is a small text file which the Card security website sends to the user’s browser and which is saved on the user’s hard disk. The cookies on the Card security web site do not compromise the user’s information security, and cookies cannot be used to discover the user’s identity. The user himself/herself may decide whether to allow cookies to be saved on the hard disk, by setting browser preferences. The Card security web site never collects personal data without the user’s consent.

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