ATMs and other unattended payment terminals

Ensure your security when using a payment terminal. Be wary of people who volunteer their help without being asked.

Follow the instructions on the display.

ATMs and petrol pumps

When you use your payment card at an ATM or petrol pump, ensure your security.

  • Always protect your PIN!
  • If you notice something suspicious at or around the terminal, do not use it. Contact the service provider; the phone number is always visible on the terminal itself.
  • Be cautious if an unknown person volunteers their help or otherwise approaches you when you are at a terminal. Do not let anyone disrupt you when you are using the terminal.
  • If you need to queue up to a terminal, do not open your purse or wallet while queuing. If you withdraw cash, put it away immediately after retrieving it from the machine.
  • Remember to take your card (and your cash from the ATM) before leaving.


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Unattended parking payment terminals

When you drive into a car park, the barrier opens when you take a ticket from the machine or swipe your payment card. Some car parks only have one of these options available.

If you took a ticket when entering, in most car parks you can pay at a separate parking payment terminal using a card or cash. Follow the instructions on the display. These terminals will not ask you to enter your PIN.

If you swiped your payment card when entering the car park, swipe the same card when exiting. In this case too, these terminals will not ask you to enter your PIN.


Unattended ticket machines

In major cities, you can purchase tickets for instance for public transport at a ticket machine. These machines will not necessarily ask you to enter your PIN.

There are ticket machines such as those operated by the Finnish railways (VR) that do ask you for your PIN.

Remember to protect your PIN! 

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